How To Find Your Dream Job...


How To Find Your Dream Job...

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How often do you gaze out the window at work?

How does it feel while the bright, clear blue sky pours in? It reminds you of running free as a child, but you stand there frozen stiff. You tell yourself “I could leave right now, if I want,” but we both know that’s not true. Your boss wouldn’t like that one bit.

You’ve got bills to pay, and responsibilities. In fact, it’s time to stop pretending. Your shoulders slunk as you plop yourself back at the desk. This happens every single day, like clockwork. Over and over. You can hear the clock ticking. Minutes become hours, days, then years. How many more years will go by like this? If this story sounds familiar: I’d like to tell you something very important (keep reading)

It’s NEVER too late to find your passion...

-- OR --


WAIT! QUICK NOTE: (Our beta launch has already filled up half of the openings, so if you’re THINKING this sounds perfect for you, get an application in asap!)

What’s Included With Fitlife Certification?

Start your business today !

Coached 90-day Transformation program

We refine and shape your body and mind. We teach you advanced, cutting edge nutrition and lifestyle strategies. Get ready to achieve optimum health and fitness. You’ll be a walking advertisement for health. 100% success rate!

Personalized guidance from a certified mentor

This is iron-clad accountability. This is the SECRET to success with any goal. Someone to hold your hand at every step. Someone to guide you along our proven path.

Access to live weekly calls with the coaching team

New developments in nutrition, health science and business are reviewed weekly. Continued education is CRUCIAL to staying relevant and evolving with today’s market and research.

Open invite to Fitlife headquarters

Meet with Drew and the team once per quarter. We delve into advanced internet marketing, social media, and business strategies. Learn the secret methods of starting a movement, growing a following, and making a huge impact… on a shoestring budget.

Exclusive coach's community

Receive VIP access to other successful certified coaches. You will discover what’s working and successful in other markets. This VIP community is a packed with fresh data and case studies on how to change lives as a coach AND grow your coaching business.

On-going support, mentorship, and education

Every step of the way, you will receive priority feedback and mentoring from our seasoned professionals. Successful alumni of this program remain active members and are available to guide, teach and train.


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I can't thank Jill smart enough for coaching me through the program. The experience was amazing from start to finish. The coaching sessions guided me through each of the modules. Her expertise helped me to be a better coach. Jill gave me the tools to be able to continually do the 90 day programs with my clients. Thank you Jill! You are the best of the best!!!!!


The certification program was Great! The fitlife team supported me the whole way through, not to mention how much knowledge I gained by going through the program.


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What if you stopped living someone else’s dream, and started building your own? When you have a J.O.B. life is a chore. You clock in, and time drags on like a bag of bricks. You can’t WAIT for the day to be over…

But when you are living your passion, life is an ADVENTURE…

There is no such thing as “work” because you love what you do. Imagine waking up excited every morning. You are actually anxious to flip open that laptop, and get going. (Sometimes I forget to even eat breakfast because I’m so stoked to get started!)

The limited time offer I’m about to share with you makes this possible, and you can do this from anywhere in the world. (In fact I’m munching a fresh green salad in Guanacaste, Costa Rica at 11:00 A.M. while writing this right now.)

Let me ask you this:

What if every day was a Saturday… for the REST of your life?

It can be... How, you ask?

Get Fitlife Certified Today and Quit Your Day Job This Year!

  • I’d you’d like ME to coach you to build your own health consulting business
  • If you’d like to quit your J.O.B. THIS year and begin living an adventure
  • If you’d like to get in the best shape of your life in the process

… then you NEED to fill out your application before I run out of openings.

VIP community status including product previews and much more!

This is everything and the kitchen sink. VIP community members receive beta products, secret interviews with cutting edge healers and health practitioners, exclusive, inside looks on advanced health breakthroughs and other amazing

You already have a fulfilling career that impacts and changes people’s lives


You aren’t really interested in making your own hours and working from anywhere in the world.  


You have no interest in getting into the best shape of your life or attracting attention with your physique


You don’t care about radically transforming your health, building a bullet proof immune system, finally sleeping like a baby, or feeling young and vibrant again


You don’t believe in the power of mindset and have never felt motivated to make a change in your life


You have never dreamt of doing more than clocking in at a job, putting in your 8 hours, and doing it all over again for the next 30 years.


You’ve never been interested in self development, personal growth, or being the best version of yourself


You don’t have a family or friends who need you to be the best that you can be and there is no one in your life who can use a positive role model


You’d rather just hope and wish for good things to happen, and don’t want to invest any time or effort into MAKING your dreams come true


How Does It Work?

Effortlessly Succeed.

Step 1:

Transform Yourself

Before you become a certified teacher, you are first a student. 100% of our coaches go through this process. Regardless of your background, everyone must start as a pupil of This stage is crucial, and cannot be skipped. During the Fitlife Coaching Program, you experience a total body, mind, and spirit metamorphosis. The core focus here is Detoxification, Juicing, and Fitness pairing. Your coach will guide you through 3 advanced juicing techniques: Juicing as a meal replacement, juice fasting, and juice cycling. This is also when you learn how to instantly identify your macronutrient needs. Then we reveal how to create the perfect anti-inflammatory diet plan. Finally, you’ll discover the pound for pound most effective fitness and lifestyle hacks. This is how you ramp up your metabolism and keep your body in tip-top shape… and keep it that way.

Step 2: Get Certified

As a coach, it is your duty not just to coach, but also to influence. Discover the time tested techniques of MASTER trainers. Master the magical principles of the “tipping point.” Harness the power of the ripple effect. We teach you the perfect pairing of education with motivation. With that comes an intimate understanding of technology as well. We’ll guide you through implementing video chats, tracking forms, and other program adjustments. As a nutrition specialist, discover how to analyze and deconstruct a client’s health status. Find ground-breaking techniques to alleviate pain, boost weight loss, and transform your clients health forever.

Step 3:

Build Your Business

Americans alone spend $65 billion dollars per year on weight loss plans. The people need what you have as a Fitlife Certified Coach. You have the desire and the tools to help them. Now it’s time to discover how to reach them. We’ll teach you how to leverage Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other up-and-coming platforms to draw clients in. Find out the secrets to getting ROI on Google Ads, SEO, and even Facebook ads. Discover our hidden scripting language used for selling through videos and podcasts. Find out EXACTLY how to enroll and price your services. We’ll review your launch plan and refine your model for ultimate success.

This Program is NOT for you if…

You are on fire for impacting others and you seek the training and tools to make that possible


You are more creative and you perform better on a flexible schedule, being more focused and more inspired with that freedom


The idea of working from a laptop anywhere in the world is really exciting and inspiring to you


You have been searching for a more fulfilling career or a more purposeful supplement to your current work


You want to reach optimum health, build an unstoppable immune system, improve your sleep and feel young once again


You are interested in getting into the best physical shape of your life, and making it last forever You enjoy inspiring others to make a change, and guiding them through the entire process


You want to be a part of the movement that we have started, help us heal the world of the current health epidemic, and continue the ripple effect from person to person


You are a self-motivated, self-starting person who has always wanted to work HARD for something that you believe in

This Program IS for you if…

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